Jacques Riousse realized much less paintings than sculptures. In recent years, he has just painted a large format. Art critics and painters with a university education might call him “amateurish”.

“Targeted blur”

Although he had not learned to deal with most of the materials he used, these “fuzzies” were part of the appeal of his paintings. It is also important to remember that Jacques Riousse was very poor, especially at the beginning of his artistic career. Therefore, his first paintings are created on cheap materials, like sacking. In addition, some are more drawn than elaborated with oil paintings (acryl-). He did not systematically apply a primer on the canvas, which explains why some colors are peeling off.

War and religion

Often his inspirations are based on experiences of war and are very sinister. Some paintings have religious motifs. Purely abstract patterns or variations of form are not uncommon. Some images are simple collages. The subjects are inspired by the family – the mother and the child – but also by nature.