Watercolors & Paintings


The friend, patron and initiator of this project, Prof. Ludwig Spätling, has found and digitized even more early watercolors by Jacques Riousse in his collection. Here you can see landscapes and impressions of his journeys.

Already at a very young age, between 15 and 17 years (1926-1928), Jacques Riousse made watercolours on which he captured his impressions on trips or journeys. He often took the magazines and displays which were just at hand and simply “painted over” them with his own works of art.

He pointed out that of course he did not own a camera at that time, but still wanted to record his impressions.

Even at this young age, I think the high artistic abilities of Jacques Riousse showed themselves. Later he told me about his art lessons in Amiens, where his teacher always paid attention to the transmission of a motif in a continuous sweeping movement of the drawing hand.

For many years he came by plane to spend Christmas with our family. The glossy brochures distributed in the plane inspired him to alienate the printed photos. A whole series of photographs, often alienated with black “pump varnish”, were thus created.